A Christian Clarion Call for Freedom-USA

Occupy the Battlefield- Take action

The question for me is: How do we create a massive movement, where Christian conservatives are united, in order to use our power to take our country back? How do we join together? With the technology here in existence today, there is a way, but how does each of us get motivated to realize that we must be a part of the solution, instead of always complaining and murmuring about the problem? I believe that through #ACCC4FUSA, God has given us that place to gather, but I am still alone, yelling into the wind, as if I am standing, on the foggy Pacific seashore of San Francisco, CA.

In 29 days, or 29 weeks, or 29 months, only investing the money it takes for us to communicate with others, we could reach a critical mass of 350 million Christians, if there were that many.

In the process, we are evangelizing the entire country, and possibly the world.
That is a slam dunk, but yet, no one comes to me, not one, to take part. If we fail, and only 5% of all Americans take part, we still amass over 18 million people, which could be all the power we need to take back Congress.

There is a plan. I have that plan. I truly believe God has given me this plan, yet no inquiries. My radio program ran over 18 months on a local Princeton, WV station, and garnered only one contact in all of that time. Oh, people liked what they heard, saying it was very informative, but no one took part. If we do not join together, we are done for. I need a patriot to work with. The two of us can reach more people. I am looking for people who want to take their country back, who are willing to be involved on whatever level they can afford to spend their time. Not everyone will be as active as others, and some will simply be on a list to receive information, if that is all they choose to do, but even that is becoming a part of something that will work, if Christians choose to work at it. AJM

Published by A. J. Miley

San Francisco Boy who loves the Lord, I am a worship leader, song writer, entrepreneur, Viet Nam Vet.

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