A Christian Clarion Call for Freedom

Where You are Drafted into God’s Army

To save America

Mission Statement My name is Anthony James Miley, I was born in San Francisco, California in 1942. I am working under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to position born again believers into creating an acceptable environment which will enable us to experience a Third Great Awakening. Only God can bring this to pass, but we must do everything we can, in and of ourselves for it to happen. I welcome your feedback. This web site is under construction, so please be patient. I am doing everything myself. Keep in touch: Follow me on Facebook as Anthony Miley, and/or Messiah’s Mountain Ministries.
A. J. Miley, Ent.

Purge “The Deep State” from these united States of America!!!

Prayer is always our first and last offensive weapon. With that said, I share the following with you today. Why do I hear almost every so called patriot “leader” here in these united States of America make reference to our nation as a ‘democracy”? Even those who portend to be on our side, the side…

Differences between KJV and NIV…

Ephesians 3:14-20 Below are the notes that I made. Some verses have not comments. In my original, I use different color fonts so that my comments are standing out from the two different color fonts for the bible verses, but here in this format, I do not yet know how to do that. It is…

If Hitler Won World War II

Responding comment: I suggest that you read a book titled: Tragedy and Hope: the History of the World in Our Time… It is more likely that Hitler was used by the people who are running the world today, as a pawn, just like they are using mobs in the street when they think it might…

We are at WAR!!! Get on the Battlefield!!! The USA needs YOU!!!

1. Go to Mountain Music Records website and enter your contact information. 2. I will respond from my e-mail address. It is that simple.

3. Then, work in your sphere of influence, and encourage your contacts to do the same. Simple as 1;2;3…

The silver bullet to save our country is here, but we must work together like an army, Onward Christian Soldiers. If you are not involved, then chances are we will most likely fail. Everyone doing a little, will in the end result, bring success, if that be the Lord’s will. Doing nothing will insure failure, and failure means the loss of our Constitutional Republic, as our Founding Fathers meant it to be!!!

We need YOU!

Our first project is to mobilize the Judeo/Christian vote. You can help by contacting everyone in your sphere of influence, sharing the urgency of their vote in the November 2020 elections, helping them get registered to vote, and seeing that they follow through as well with their circle of influence. We all must do our part. Inaction is silence, and silence is consenting to the big city riots and looting as we experience today. If you cannot do lots, do just a little. That is better than nothing. We need your participation, your involvement, your help!

Others tell you what the problem is, but here is a fail-safe solution, only if you will do your part. This is “A Christian Clarion Call for Freedom-USA” #ACCC4FUSA.

Click the link.Get on the battlefield!!!

A Peaceful Vision for a Return to a Constitutional Republic

Here in the United States of America!!!

Before I talk about this vision, I wish to make one thing perfectly clear. Prayer changes things. Prayer is the absolute first weapon of offense in the Christian’s arsenal. With God, all things are possible. We must pray without ceasing, realizing that without God, our efforts are futile. We must be obedient to Him. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Let it not be said that I put my country before my God. However, it was Charles Finney, the man highly influencial in the great aakening of the 1800s, who said: Doing your duty to country is part of doing your duty to God in such a country as this.

Always pray before taking any action. (Lord help me to do the same!)

A Christian Clarion Call for Freedom-USA (#ACCC4FUSA) is a movement. This movement speaks to the millions of Christians in this country who simply want to live in peace, in the country that our Founding Fathers gave to us: Our Constitutional Republic (see my writing on a Democracy vs. a Republic).

This Godly vision, is one by which We the People can once again take control of our country. We do not change any structure, but use the system which is now in place. Many patriots believe that a political solution is no longer possible, but this vision says differently. The only problem is that is actually requires the Christian to do something.

We all must act in concert with each other to make it happen. I hope that we all understand the definition of insanity: doing the same thing, or doing nothing, the same way and expecting a different result.

We must crack through the apathetic approach to life and join together, like an Army, and taking charge. If a small minority of gays and lesbians can have such an affect of change in our society, imagine what we can do if Judao/Christians joined together with thw same ferver, having God at their back, moving forward in the Spirit, wearing the Armor of God.

We are not on the battlefield. Click the link.Get on the battlefield!!! We must join together on the battlefield of life in our society. Come with us at http://www.parler.com. Ask me to be your friend. Let us work together to set this country aright, through prayer and action.

Blessings, AJM

Imagine what a very large group of Judaeo/Christian believers can do together! If we pray, as in 2 Chronicles 7:14, God will hear from heaven and heal our land, but we must do something for ourselves. God works through His people!!!

There is more to come. We can actually take our country back at Washington, DC, but fist, let’s get these elections for November 2020 out of the way, then we can concentrate on how we accomplish that!!! Let us work together to take our country back.

Thank you for visiting Messiah’s Mountain Ministries.

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