If Hitler Won World War II

Responding comment:

I suggest that you read a book titled: Tragedy and Hope: the History of the World in Our Time… It is more likely that Hitler was used by the people who are running the world today, as a pawn, just like they are using mobs in the street when they think it might accomplish their goals.

Hitler was quoted as saying: I can create chaos in America any time that I want. He was set upon using chemical warfare and invasion from the inside, just like it is happening right now. Did Hitler die in a cave, or did he live out the rest of his life in Argentina? The latter is most likely the right answer, but how many people are even aware that a u-boat was found sunk off of the Argentina’s coast.

Who is John Gahlt? How did Aids get manufactured, when and where? How did it find its way to Africa, that certain part? Why does Aids attack black people?

Who was the person who was responsible for the orders that came down from high above, which all of congress had to follow, resulting in the censorship of Senator Joseph McCarthy? How did anyone get so high in our government that they could tell all of our representatives which way to vote, at that time in history, mid 50s?

The same year that our declaration of independence was signed, the Illuminati put out a directive as to how they were going to destroy the United States of America. Today, most of their points, which we call communism, have been put in place in our government. The result is that the fox is in charge of the hen house, so he can eat us all alive.

Are you saying that if Hitler won the war, none of this would have happened, and we would all be living in utopia? AJM #ACCC4FUSA

Published by A. J. Miley

San Francisco Boy who loves the Lord, I am a worship leader, song writer, entrepreneur, Viet Nam Vet.

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