Purge “The Deep State” from these united States of America!!!

Prayer is always our first and last offensive weapon. With that said, I share the following with you today.

Why do I hear almost every so called patriot “leader” here in these united States of America make reference to our nation as a ‘democracy”? Even those who portend to be on our side, the side of freedom loving “We the [Honest] People”, those such as Dr. Mercola, Sean Hannity (who sometimes uses the term Republic, but not enough), and yes, even number 45, do this ad nausea, uttering with confidence words such as “…our democracy”, “…our democratic process”, or even “…our democratic republic” (which is an oxymoron). Our founding fathers hated the democratic form of government. Our nation was built as a Republic.

In a true Republic, what is happening today, i.e.: the overt ignoring of the Law of God, is not possible. Our nation was founded on God’s law. We the people must take back control of our Republic. One person cannot do it. One person in government will not be able to do it. It will take many of us. We must also take back congress. “He who has an ear, let them hear…”! Unfortunately, as God purged the promise land, “We the [Honest] People” must purge our government of all wrongdoers. We must cut the problem down at its root. Senator Joe McCarthy was in the process of doing just that, when the “high up powerful government process (which we now call The Deep State) were able to stop him.

These are the same people who caused Chiang Kai-Shek’s army to loose to the Communists forces in China. The people of our nation, “We the [Honest] People”, wanted his republic to win, but government forces these united States of America wanted something different, an d steered circumstances to bring the CCP to power. These Deep State actors are the same people who are pushing the gay community’s agenda on us today.

People, Wake Up. We must take our country back together… Ross Perot said: United We Stand. The deep state silenced him as well, by threatening his family to the point where he dropped out of the race. Even Ronald Regan said: “They won’t let me be president if I to not take George Bush as my vice president”. What kind of a country are we living in?

Does not our Declaration of Independence tell us what to do? Only we don’t need to restructure our government, only to purge what we have of the traitors who are in the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, and all t he way down to the local city level, which is over run by appointed and employed workers who support Agenda 21. This is all a subversive effort to destroy America as we ever knew it to be.

I pray that God does something to intervene, in order to bring the people together to prevail against this evil force which is doing its best to take over the world.

“We the [Honest] People” are the only hope for the free world, but we are in the process of being erased very quickly.

Most honest “We the People” will not even take time to read this, our lives are so controlled, who has the time??? However, I thought I would share it anyhow, as a reminder to us who do, that time is short.

Prayer is always our first and last offensive weapon, but it will also take the action of “We the [Honest] People”, if we are to prevail!!!

Published by A. J. Miley

San Francisco Boy who loves the Lord, I am a worship leader, song writer, entrepreneur, Viet Nam Vet.

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